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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Summer nail polish picks

Hey lovelies, 
welcome back! 
It's officially the start of autumn today, so in a little look back over the summer (well, what little we had of it here in the UK) I'll show you some of the bright and pastel coloured nail looks I enjoyed.

My personal favourites were the cotton candy pink and blues and the glossy turquoise, and yes I totally embraced the ring finger trend, as you can tell! 

Now I can't wait to crack open my deep jewel toned purples and greens, inky blues, murky greys and all those other lovely autumn colours! What was your favourite summer look, and what are you most looking forward to wearing on your digits this autumn? Let me know!

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Monday, 17 September 2012

John Frieda Full Repair Hair Care

It is Monday, but if you've had a heavy weekend, maybe this post is just what you or your hair, to be precise, needs! Some rehab, of sorts.
Quick history of my hair, it is a medium brown colour naturally, until I went to get a full head of highlights, at the beginning of Summer.

But the trouble was, it just wasn't blonde enough for me. I really wanted to have a drastic change to my hair for once (twenty+ years of long brown hair was enough!) and so after a trip to Boots and two packs of the Jerome Russell B Blonde hair bleach heavier, I sucked it up and bleached my hair at home. 
Separate post on how I did this, anyone?

The main problem after this though, was the condition of my hair, mainly the ends, as you can see above. They were very straw-like and fluffy, and generally what you would expect from having bleached the life out of it... Oh and using straighteners and curlers too. Eep. Sorry hair. 

I am due for a trim in a week or two, which will obviously help over all, but prevention is better than cure, as they say!

Then along came the new John Frieda Full Repair Hair Care range, and at 3 for 2 on offer, I bought the Protecting Root Lift Foam, the Heat Styling Spray and the Perfect Ends Deep Infusion.

Protecting Root Lift Foam - well at first I was dubious about this, as it didn't come out as a foam, more like a runny, frothy mess in my hand. Yummy. However, it really did do the job, I worked it into my hair after a shower and I definitely noticed a more volume (my hair is pretty flat usually anyway). The texture of my hair seemed thicker but I didn't have that unpleasant residue in it that some mousses or foams leave. Great for nights out where I want big hair, or when my hair needs a boost! (picture at the end of the post shows this)

Heat Styling Spray - I spritz this in generously (maybe a little to generously!) and it has become my new favourite heat defence spray. It leaves my hair so much smoother and in turn makes straightening my hair a lot easier too, there's nothing worse than hearing that scraping, hair-breaking sound when you're running your GHDs through your hair, and knowing it's protecting my ends from all that heat makes me happy. No crispiness either, the majority of heat sprays I've used have made my hair feel weighed down or extremely dry. Not this one!

Perfect Ends Deep Infusion - A little goes a long way with this, after deep conditioning, I smooth this serum into my ends and this really has been my saviour to get my hair back to it's best. I am in love! All the hair that looked split or fluffy now looks smoothed down, nourished and healthy. Amazing results for a drugstore/highstreet product.

Taa Daaa! I am going to try the shampoo and conditioner next, just because I'm so impressed by the range so far, affordable but gives great results, which surely everyone loves. Good job John Frieda!

Have you tried the new range yet? What do you use to rejuvenate your hair?

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Gert Lush

Welcome back! :)

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite places to shop, and my favourite items! A shop that I can smell from a mile away. Lush. 
Lush cosmetics manage to make natural, organic products that actually work and smell delicious into the bargain! I also love the stores, all the staff I've encountered are friendly and knowledgeable and eager to help.
Here are my ultimate Lush purchases, the ones I buy over and over...

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. The clever name! The honeycomb design on the soap! The smell! This truly is a classic Lush soap and I definitely love sweet scents the most. This one smells like pure honey, and the scent is even richer and creamier when it's just been cut. I must have bought a ton of this over the years.

Comforter Bubble Bar. This is a giant purple and white candy striped roll of pure bliss. It obviously smells gorgeous, like soft sugary blackcurrant, and they are huge, I split mine up and can make them last around 4 or 5 baths! Crumbled in your bath, it turns the water pink and creates loads of snowy white bubbles (excuse the gratuitous knee shot!) How they managed to make such a bubbly bath from a natural product still amazes me! A staple product for me.

Rockstar Soap. This is a plain pink soap which smells a lot like the Snow Fairy Bubble Bath they make at Christmas, it a wonderful fusion of candy floss and bubblegum (to my nose) and it seems to stay on my skin for ages after a bath. I wish they would make body butters in the same scent, I'd love to layer this on and smell it all day.

Butter Ball. A bath bomb with a soft, buttery smell. This makes the bath water soft and really seems to moisturise my skin. Great value with these too, I often cut them in half.

I keep these in a basket in my bedroom and my room smells gorgeously sweet all the time, awesome tip if you want your room to smell like a Lush store ;)

What are your all time favourite Lush products? Any new ones I really need to try? Let me know!

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Nail Wraps

Hey there,
I bet most of you have seen or tried out nail wraps. When I first started seeing them in shops I thought they would be fiddly and only nail experts would be able to put them on, but after seeing some cheapish ones in Asda, I thought I'd give it a go. 
First off, I tried some leopard print ones on my extremely short natural nails (I just had my acrylics taken off and they were in bad condition). I was surprised how easy they were to apply! Just line it up on your cuticle, smooth over the nail and file off the edges! Easy! I put a quick Sally Hansen top coat on and these lasted over two weeks, I ended up peeling them off myself.
I then got more acrylics done... I never learn ;) These watermelon wraps were also from Asda, and I loved them! However, on acrylic nails they didn't seem to stick to the nail as good as the other ones, they seemed more flimsy. I caught one with a nail during application and it tore off. However once I put a top coat on they were fine. I got so many compliments on these and they were perfect for summer!
And finally, some from from Savers, a discount beauty/chemist type shop. Excuse the heavily edited photo from Instagram, but I hate feet, including my own, and wanted to disguise them as much as possible whilst showing off the wrap. These were only a pound, and a lot thicker than the other ones, which is why they went on my toes. These lasted ages, again with a top coat but I don't think it's necessarily needed. These looked great with sandals and every time I spotted them it made me smile. :)

I love the fact you can have a fashionable or funky pattern straight on your nails with no fuss and minimal effort! They look neat and stay on for ages (well the brands I used) and can really pull a look together! I'm now hunting down some for Autumn/Winter. 

Have you used nail wraps? Got any recommendations or opinions, please share with me!

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Just a quick post to say hello and introduce myself. I'm Lisa, I'm a self confessed beauty product junkie and an avid blog reader and Youtube video watching girl, who has suddenly taken it upon myself to do a spot of blogging.

Insert random scrunch-face posey photo that I will regret as soon as I've posted.

So please subscribe, coming up is lots of reviews, hauls and all sorts of other bits and bobs I bet you can't wait to read ;)
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